Chat, College Basketball Survivor and more...

Chat, College Basketball Survivor and more...

Mar 13, 2024

This release introduces gameplay improvements for NCAAB and the golf Majors, chat for private contests, and more…

iOS, Android, and web

  • NCAAB gameplay improvements:

    • View teams by Seed

    • Match Up Preview Screen: you can now view a side-by-side comparison of the two teams, their odds of winning, the spread for the game, and other statistics to assist in making picks.  

  • Multi-tournament tiers are now supported for golf.

  • Drop Your Worst (one or two) option added to golf Pick Sheets.

  • Withdrawal screen updates for additional clarity.

  • Contest invite links in text messages now show personalized contest info.

iOs and Android only

  • Chat is now available for private contests.

  • NCAAB gameplay: Sort Pick Sheet by Seed or game start time (android only, iOS coming soon).

  • Submit multiple entries or max enter in just a few clicks with Bulk Entry (web coming soon).